About Us

 Hi, My name is Sandeep Prakash. antitra is a startup and place in new digital india. I have been thinking for a long time, why not start something that should tell people about our golden history, culture,cuisine and help people revolve, as well as search for places that are not yet available for tourists, and have not been developed. The antitra is going to be such a blog where people can go and get all the information that will change the thinking of the adventure. Through antitra, we want to give tourists more choice of tourist place so that they can understand the people of India and India. And people who come back from India and people of India, tell people about history, natural place, culture, cuisine and people. So people’s thinking will change about the country.

Well many people will think that the antitra name itself, no one else could have even the name. So its name implies that as people do not have any other reason for education, there is no limitation of limitation and reasons for man to rotate in the same way; Whenever a person needs peace after work, he goes to revolve, he Go out in the park outside the house or on the terrace of the house in the terrace garden. Why natural and historical things give great peace to man. And finally the antitra name full form any time travel. so i am presenting a website where you can read in detail all about world tourist place, like https://www.antitra.com/statue-of-unity-gujarat-india/. our main focus is india and world tourist destinations. In this website and blog, lot’s of categories and section has given, where you can found lot’s of stories and event for world’s tourist. Antitra is also active on social networking platform, so get in touch for latest stories and tourist destination.

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