India known for its pleasant months and festivals. April month hosts many unique festivals and events. That is why it is the best time to visit India with the family and gives you a unique experience. festivals in April 2019 is a best time to visit india.

Festivals In April

Therefore, the following celebration are celebrated in the month of April, which is as follows

1. Tulip Festival, Srinagar

festivals in april
Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is a beautiful festival and celebrate in the month of April in Jammu and Kashmir. In the spring season, the Tulip Garden of Srinagar is a Asia’s largest Tulip Garden and due to its beautiful and picturesque views, attract thousands of tourists every year. Here you can see more than 50 varieties of Tulip flowers and simultaneously can participate in cultural programs, Kashmiri dishes and local handicrafts.

Date: 1 April to 20 April 2019.

Address: Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Gudi Padwa Shoba Yatra, Maharashtra

Gudi Padwa Shoba Yatra festival Celebration

The Gudi Padwa is a major festival celebrates in the state of Maharashtra in the spring season. On the occasion, Gobinde Sobha Yatra organized in different parts of the state. This festival also known as Maharashtrian New Year. On this day, Special Sobha Yatra has organized in Girgaon in Mumbai, in which people wear traditional clothes and participate. More than 50 floats displayed in the Sobha Yatra which tell people about our history and culture of the state.

Date: 6 April 2019.

Address: Girgaon, Mumbai.

Celebrate Festival In April, In “The Land of Kings”, Rajasthan

3. Gangaur Festival, Rajasthan

festivals in april
Gangaur Festival

The Gangaur Festival is one of the most important festivals of Rajasthan and in other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana and West Bengal etc. this festival is celebrated. This festival is devoted to Goddess Gauri and only women worship it. On this day there is a procession with statues of goddess Gauri at many places.

Date: 8 – 9 April 2019.

Address: Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan.

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4. Karni Mata Festival, Bikaner

festivals in april
Karni Mata Festival

The Karani Mata Fair celebrates in the Karani Mata Temple of Deshnok Village, 45 minutes from Bikaner in Rajasthan. This is a 600 year old temple and the temple is home to thousands of rats. This temple dedicated to the goddess Durga and the souls of devotees of Karani Mata reside in the rats of the people. This fair is a major attraction for tourists and is celebrates twice a year. Many cultural and religious programs are organized at this fair. The magnificent architecture of the temple also attracts many tourists.

Date: 6 – 14 April 2019.

Address: Karni Mata temple, Deshnok village, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

5. Baisakhi festival, Punjab

Baisakhi Festival Celebration

The Baisakhi festival celebrates as a Sikh New Year in Punjab and Haryana after cutting winter crops. This is one of the big festivals of Punjab and its adjoining state. The People of the Sikh community organize a big event in the Golden Temple of Amritsar on this day in which a large number of people and tourists are involved. On 13th April 1699, on the occasion of this festival, Guru Gobind Singhji, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, founded the Khalsa Panth. On this day people enjoy dance bhangra, feast, folk music and fairs.

Date: 14 April.

Address: Amritsar and all over the Punjab.

6. Nemmara vallangi vela, Kerala

festivals in april
Nemmara Vallangi Vela Festival Celebration pic

The Nemmara vallangi vela is an annual festival celebrates in the Nellikulangra Bhagwati temple in Palakkad, Kerala State. During this festival, there are many competitions between two villages, Nenmara and Valangi. This festival celebrated after the paddy harvest and during this time fireworks, decorate elephants and cultural programs are organize. This is the best tourist destination for celebrating festivals in April.

Date: 3 April 2019.

Address: Nellikulangara Bhagavathy temple, Palakkad district, Kerala.

7. Mewar Festival, Udaipur

Mewar Festivals Celebration pic

The Mewar Festival celebrated in Rajasthan to welcome the arrival of the spring season of Udaipur. This Mewar Festival is one of the main festivals of Rajasthan. Udaipur has always been ruled by the Mewar rulers, hence its culture also gets its attention. This festival celebrated for women and celebrated with great enthusiasm. Throughout the festival, the entire Udaipur city gets drenched in the colors of the festival. This festival dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Therefore, during this festival many cultural programs are organize in the city.

Date: 8 – 10 April 2019

Address: Udaipur, Rajasthan.

8. Ram Navami

Ram Navami Festivals Sobha Yatra pic

The festival of Ramnavami is one of India’s most important festivals and celebrated every year throughout the country. This festival celebrates in the presence of Lord Rama’s birth. On this day, worship of Mother Durga’s Navaratri also ends. This festival of Ramnavmi celebrated with reverence and faith throughout India and in this festival, people participate from all religions. People come from distant places to join this festival. It is one of the most suitable time to visit India.

Date: 14 April, 2019.

Addresss: Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh but also in all over India.

9. Rongali Bihu, Assam

Rongali Bihu Festival Dance Performance

Bihu is a cultural festival and celebrate in Assam state and it is the state’s important festival. In Assam, three Bihu celebrated in one year, in which Rongali Bihu is the most important and popular. This festival begins in the middle of April and it celebrated for a month with a big fanfare by Assamese. This festival of Assam shows the beginning of the agricultural season and the beginning of the new year of Assam. During this festival many cultural programs organized.

Date: N/A

Address: This festival celebrated throughout Assam.

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