Gupteshwar Dham, Bihar

The Gupteshwar Dham cave of the Rohtas district is one of the ancient Shivlingas on the Kaimur hill of Vindhya series of Bihar. This is the most famous of Bihar’s Natural Shivalinga after the split of Jharkhand. In Gupteeshwar Dham cave, mainly Lord Shiva is worship. Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is best tourist destination in rohtas.

Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar
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This cave attracts thousands of devotees from surrounding states. Due to, natural beauty and furnished. The devotee beholds this cave after performing Jalabhishek to God. Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is a best tourist destination in rohtas district.

History Of Gupta Dham

In 2000,After the separation of bihar from jharkhand , Gupteshwar Dham is mentioned as ancient Shivlinga of Bihar, Rohtas district. It is located in the forest of Kaimur hill of the “Vindhya series” in the Chenari block of Rohtas district. Gupta Dham known as Gupteeshwar Dham. The glory of Lord Shiva, situated in the cave of this temple, has been from ancient times.

There is no authentic evidence about the antiquity of the Gupta Dham Gufa surrounded by forests. According to people, Gupta Dham is very popular among the devotees of nearby states, like Babadham of Devgarh. Like the Babadham of Devghar, there is a tradition of carrying the Ganges from Buxar to Shivalinga. According to “Shyamsundar Tiwari” author of the book ‘History of Rohtas‘.  it is possible to read the inscription inscribed on the wall near the “Patal Ganga” near the cave, many secrets of this cave can open.

Thousands of devotees from Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Nepal come here for a month in “Savannah.Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is a best tourist destination in bihar.

About Gupta Dham Cave

Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is a best tourist destination in rohats , due to natural beauty in forest.  The entrance to this sacred cave at Gupta Dham is 18 feet wide and 12 feet high. This sacred cave is 363 feet long. Inside this natural cave, Lord Shankar has about three feet high Shivlinga. The stream of holy water always keeps falling on this Shivling. Inside the cave there are many beautiful statues of gods and goddesses. The history of this holy cave is very old, according to Shiva Purana.

Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar
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According to Shiv Purana, Bhasmasura was a demon and as well as devotee of the god Shiva. Bhasmasura obtain a boon After performing great penance from god Shiva. According to boon, he touched with his hand to anyone head and  head  burn up and immediately turn into ashes (bhasma). After getting boon Bhasmasura tries to place his hand on god Shiva, Then Lord Shiva hidden in the secret place of this cave of Gupta Dham to avoid Bhasmasur.

A lot of caves are connected to each other inside this cave.Inside the cave, rare sculptures of ancient times still exist but There is no authentic evidence about the ancientity of Guptadham cave. On seeing its text, archaeologists have not been able to decide whether this cave is man-made or natural.In the cave is dark darkness, it is not possible to go without artificial light.

How To Reach

There are three routes, Rehal, Panari Ghat and Ughahni Ghat. This ghats can access after reaching rom sasaram and kudra town. After crossing the river Durgavati five times and visiting five hills, people arrive here.

Road=    kudra, sasaram and chenari is a nearest town of gupta dham. all town situated aside of NH19 (grant truck road in india) highway. Rehal, Panari Ghat and Ughahni Ghat are well connected by road. but gupta dam trail is can only access by Pedestrian 20 K.m away from Ghats.

Railway=    gupta dham has not independent railway station. Therefore, kudra and sasaram is nearest railway station from Ughahani ghat.

Air=     babatpur airport ( Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport )in varanasi around 100 k.m away from kudra and sasaram town.

Where Is To Stay

Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is a best tourist destination in bihar,due to gupta dham cave, beautiful nature,hills and waterfall. There is no hotel and rest house to stay in Gupta Dham. but you can stay in sasaram, nearest town of gupta dham. in sasaram lot’s of hotel and rest house are available for tourist and devotees. 

  There are following name of hotel and rest house…

  • BNS International hotel
  • Hotel Maurya Royal
  • Natraj hotel
  • Rohit International and many rest house,out side of  railway station.

Best Travel Timing Of Gupta Dham

During the Shravan month, lot’s of  pilgrims come here to play a homage to lord Shiv and seek his blessing. During Navratri and Vasant Panchami also  a big fair has organized in gupta dham. People come here from different places, is a delight to bath here.

Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar
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Gupta Dham Tour/ Rohtas Bihar is one of the best tourist destination in bihar and as well in can also read more stories and tips on given link. get in touch on our social platform.

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