It is a festival of colours that connect entire India as a thread. On this day people play each other with colours, gulals and flowers. Holi has celebrated today by Indians throughout the world, and seeing this, many countries consider it different names and in different countries. Then Holi 2019 is the best time to understand Indian Culture.

Holi is one of the most important festivals of this country therefore when you are travelling to India, then definitely be participating in this. Although it is a Hindu religion festival, but people of all religions are participating in it today. Which increases its significance several times. On this day there is a national holiday in the entire country of India. Therefore the family treats this festival along with relatives and the Neighbor. This festival known by many names in different regions of the country

Holi In India

Holi is an important festival and has celebrated in India in the spring season and is one of the most ancient festivals of India. This festival traditionally celebrated for two days in the country. This festival begins with Holika Dahan which has celebrated on the first day in the evening. On the second day, people play with each other on the colour and Abir-Gulal. This day people sing the songs of Holi by playing the drums and paint people by going from house to house. On this festival, people forget the old bitterness and embrace each other.

History Behind Indian Holi

Following the tradition of several ancient religious books of Hindu religion, this festival is related to the famous story Prahalad and sister of Hiranyakashyap’s sister name Holika. According to the recognition, Hiranyakashpu was a very powerful devil. Who considered himself as a God.

In his state, he banned the worship of any other God except him, but despite his harsh punishment for his son Prahlad, he could not stop worshipping God. To kill his son, Hiranyakashipu called his sister name Holika, who has blessed with a boon that she could not be burned in the fire. But Holika caught in the fire after sitting in the fire, but Prahlad survived. Since then, Holi has celebrated on this day. Apart from this, Holi is related to Radha Krishna’s Raslila and the rebirth of Kamdev.

This festival also mentioned in ancient manuscripts and texts of Puranas like Narada Purana and in many other Puranas. Apart from this, the mention of this festival is an interesting picture of Holi, on an easel in the 16th Century of Hampi, capital of Vijayanagara now in east-central Karnataka.

Best Places To Celebrate Holi 2019 In India

Holi festival is a festival of colours, has celebrated throughout the country of India. This is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in March month in India. This festival known by many names in different regions of the country. There is no difference in age on this day, so that children, young people and old people celebrate this festival each other with colours. I am telling you the right place for your convenience where you will celebrate Holi in a different way and understand the culture too.

therefore, be ready for Holi celebration away from home and Travel to one of these destinations in the country for the crazy Holi celebration in India. So the following best places or destination are…

1. Barsana, Mathura

Holi 2019
Barsana, Mathura Holi

The Barsana is a historic town near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh state and in March month, witness to a strange tradition of its ages, in which men beaten with sticks by women while playing Holi. This Holi known throughout the country as the Lathmar Holi, which is in fact, The most strange way to celebrate the festival. Barashana is the Best Destination to celebrate the Holi festival in India.

Lathmar Holi has organized in the week before the main Holi day in a barsana. You can also enjoy the Laddu Holi festival here, which has organized some days before Lathmar Holi. Sweets have thrown on devotees around the main temple in Barsana on Laddu Holi. This day spiritual songs are sung related to Radha Krishna. To see and celebrate this Holi, a large number of tourists come from the country and abroad.

Date Of Celebration:
The Barsana Holi 2019 festival celebration will start on 15 March.

2. Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

Holi 2019
Banke Bihari Temple Holi Pic

Vrindavan known throughout the country and the world for its Holi celebration. In fact, the Holi festival has celebrated in Vrindavan 40 days before the Holi festival on Vasant Panchami in temples and cities. It is a symbol of a grand celebration for Vrindavan. On this day, the Banke Bihari temple is decorate with beautiful flowers and light.

Vrindavan has also known for its different types of Holi, known as Flowers Holi. On the Ekadashi, day before Holi, the city celebrates Holi with flowers. On this day, the temple priests thrown flowers on the devotees and the huge procession dances on the tunes of musicians.

Date Of Celebration: Banke Bihari Temple Holi 2019 celebration will start on..
Phoolon Wali Holi= 17 March 2019, at 4 P.M
Colourful Holi= 20 March 2019, in afternoon and it will start from Vishram Ghat and finishes near Holi Gate.
Holi= 21 March 2019 at 7 A.M in Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura.

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3. Varanasi

Holi 2019
Manikarnika Ghat Holi, Varanasi

Varanasi Holi is the most unique in India and the world. Although Holi is celebrated in whole of Varanasi, but Manikarnika Ghat Holi of Varanasi is the most different, because on this day, Holi is played on this Ghat from the Samshan ashes and dance.

Date Of Celebration: 21 march 2019.

Let’s Celebrate Holi 2019 In Indian Style

4. Udaipur

Royal Palace Holi, Udaipur

Rajasthan’s Udaipur city is known for its Royal and the splendid style, hence the festival of Holi is also royal. On the eve of Holi in Udaipur, people perform a ritual called Holika Dhahan, in which the Maharaja of Mewar is involved. In Udaipur, the Maharaja welcomes honor guests, foreign tourists and many prestigious people at The Royal City Palace. On this day, the Maharaja is dressed in traditional clothes and is involved in Holi celebrations and later, cocktails, a gala dinner, a wonderful fireworks and folk songs are organized. therefore this city can be best holi 2019 destination in India.

Date Of Celebration: N/A.

5. Jaipur

Holi 2019
Royal Holi And Elephant Festival In Jaipur

Jaipur Holi is the most unique festival of the country. Jaipur is known throughout the world for its royal style. On the evening of Holi in Jaipur, an elephant festival has celebrated every year. This celebration includes all regular events like elephant parade, elephant beauty contest, folk dance, and Rasakashi. On Holi, a special event is organized for visitors in many places in the city, hence Jaipur is one of the best places in India to celebrate the Holi festival.

Date Of Celebration: 20-21 march 2019.

6. Hampi

Holi Festival In Hampi

If you are traveling to South India then Hampi can be a nice Holi destination for you. Hampi is a historic city located in the state of Karnataka and is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city attracts a large number of country and western tourists, so the entire city here comes out to play Holi with colorful powder and liquid colors in the morning. During this, people drum and dancing in the city.

Date Of Celebration: 21 March 2019.

7. Anandpur Sahib Holi, Punjab

Holi Festival Celebration In Punjab

Although Holi celebrated throughout India, but Punjab celebrates Holi in the most different way. The Anandpur Sahib Holi is the most unique. Sikhs of Punjab follow the tradition of old-time and this is an annual fair.

This fair was held for the first time by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate Holi. Since then, people celebrate and display their martial arts in the morning and have fun with each other in the evening with colours. On this day people make Malpua, Puri, Gujia and tasty Pudding etc at home and invites others to eat.

Date Of Celebration: 20-24 March 2019.

8. Manipur

Holi Festival In Manipur Known As Yaosang

Manipur is a Northeast India state. This region is also addressed as “India’s Jewellery” and “East of Switzerland” etc. In Manipur, Holi is known as the Great Yaosang Festival, this festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun. This is a six-day festival. During the festival, a large number of people dance between fluorescent lamps and bonfires and enjoy this extraordinary culture.

Date Of Celebration: N/A.

9. Delhi

Holi 2019
Holi Festival In Delhi

Like other regions of India, Holi is celebrated very well here too. On Holi, you can enjoy Holi Mo festival in Delhi, which is a very popular Holi festival. More than 40 Indian and international artists make their presentation at the festival of Holi in Delhi. At this festival, you can see a different color of Delhi where you can enjoy color, music, dance, cannabis, Lassi, street food and sprinkler etc. Many Indian and Foreign tourists as well as local people, participate in this festival.

Date Of Celebration: 21 March 2019.

10. Shantiniketan

Holi Festival Celebration In Shantiniketan Kolkata

West Bengal is a major state of eastern India. It is known for its cultural and historical heritage. The Shantiniketan, which is an old and prominent university in West Bengal. In this university, the great Bengali poet and Nobel Prize Winner, Rabindranath Tagore, started the festival of Holi as a spring festival to continue the ancient tradition. Since then, the ancient tradition is followed up to date.

On this day students wear colorful costumes and a huge cultural program is organized for visitors. This festival is a good time to understand Bengali history and culture due to which it attracts many foreign tourists.

Date Of Celebration: 20 March 2019.

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