Ladakh Tour

The Ladakh is a landlocked land of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is known for its simplicity and natural beauty in India and the whole world. It is located in the north by the Karakoram mountain and in the middle of the Himalayas in the south. Ladakh is known for its many ornate monasteries of Buddhism. Therefore Ladakh tour play an important role in Jammu and Kashmir region.

Ladakh is also called the roof of India. This is a rare state, where attract you many rivers, high mountains, lakes and challenging elevated paths to you. This is a Best Tourist Place for adventures, saints and some newcomers. Leh Ladakh does not just give you the chance of adventure, it also gives you a new perspective on your thinking towards nature. Therefore The Ladakh Tour can be the best tourist destination in India.

Tourism In Ladakh

Ladakh Tour
Ladakh pic

Prepare for Ladakh’s rural lifestyle, scenery and adventure, situated in the lap of Karakoram and Himalayas. Therefore, Ladakh welcomes its visitors by opening both of their hands and this gives you the opportunity to understand and define diverse culture, irregular weather and regular life. Ladakh spread over an area of 86, 408 square kilometers, and most of its land is desert.

Ever since this tourist destination came in the attention of travelers, this place has become a popular travel destination for adventure, river rafting and trekking tourism. It is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters (9800 feet) above sea level, making it more attractive for those seeking inaccessible places and adventure travel destinations.

There are many popular trekking trails here such as Parang La, Evening Valley and Kang Yates, which is also a good place for new trekkers. There is tremendous possibility of trekking tourism in Ladakh because it runs through many spectacular and remote areas, the meadows, high mountain passes and alpine lakes.

Ladakh’s two major rivers provide unbelievable opportunities to enjoy Indus and Zanskar river rafting. The annual river rafting competition is also organized in Ladakh, which starts from Nimmu village near Leh. you can also enjoy the adventures of motorbiking on its inaccessible hills in Ladakh.

Places To Visit During Ladakh Tour

There are lots of tourist place in Leh Ladakh region. But according to customer review and reach easily. You can add the following place during your Ladakh tour.

Things To Do During Ladakh Tour

Mountain Motor biking, River rafting and Trekking trails.

Festivals In Ladakh

There are lots of festivals celebrated in leh & Ladakh. But according to my experience telling you some best festivals, which is following…

  1. Hemis Festival.
  2. Phyang Tsedup Festival.
  3. Yuru Kabgyat Festival.
  4. Thiksey, Karsha and Spituk Gustor.
  5. Stok Guru Tsechu Festival.
  6. Ladakh Harvest Festival.
  7. Sindhu Darshan Festival
  8. Tak -Tok Festival.

Hotel In Ladakh

1. Sangaylay Palace- 4.8*/5
2. The The Indus Valley 4.5*/5
3. Grand Dragon Ladakh- 4.4*/5
4. Omasila Hotel- 4.4*/5
5. Ladakh Residency- 4.3*/5
6. Hotel Ladakh Himalayan Retreat 4.3*/5
7. Hotel Kidar- 4.3*/5
8. Hotel Lasermo- 4.2*/5
9. Spin-n-Span- 4.2*/5
10.Hotel Singge Palace- 4.1*/5 and many more.

Restaurants In Ladakh

1. Bon Appetit- 4.5*/5
2. Gesmo Restaurant- 4.3*/5
3. The Tibetan Kitchen- 4.3*/5
4. Chopsticks Noodle Bar Leh- 4.2*/5
5. Summer Harvest- 4.0*/5
6. KC Garden Cafe And Restaurants- 3.9*/5
7. Neha Snacks- 3.8*/5 and many more.

Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh

The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is between June and September.

Ladakh Temperature

  • 7°C – 30°C Summer 
    June to September
  • -20°C – 12°C Monsoon 
    October to May


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