Maa Chinnamasta Temple Tour

Maa Chinnamasta Temple Tour, Rajrappa, Jharkhand is best tourist destination in jharkhand and joining state, due to religious and nature.  Devi Chinnamasta Temple is a Hindu pilgrim center located in Razrappa in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand state. This temple attracts devotees of Jharkhand state as well as devotees of neighboring Bihar and West Bengal. This temple attracts itself for its natural beauty as it is situated on a hill at the confluence of Damodar and Bhairavi rivers and is in the middle of Ranjappa’s dense forest. This temple is devoted to its devotees throughout the year. This is a place for those who stroll to Jharkhand and for those who want natural beauty. The Chinnamasta temple is also famous for its architectural design, because it is made in “tantric style”. Apart from the main temple there are also various Gods and Goddess temples.

Temple History

Maa  Chinnamasta Temple Tour, Rajrappa, Jharkhand
rajrappa temple

Maa Chinnamasta Temple Tour, is one of the best tourist destination in india. The word “Chinnamasta” literally means “whose head is broken”. It is one of ten Tantric temples. Chinnamasta Mata is worshiped in this temple because it is the main goddess of it. Chinnamasta maa is also called “Chinnmastika devi”.

Chinnamasta is a very popular story related to Mata Bhagwati, after bathing in the Mandakini river with her sister-in-law Jaya and Vijaya, her body became black and on the urging of her friends, mother bitten her head with a furrow. Later, three streams came out from the throat of the cut head, out of which two streams were given to their friend Jaya and Vijaya, and one by himself, which led to their hunger. This form was later known as Razrappa. goddess Chinnamasta is one of the ten forms of Goddess Durga. This temple is also mentioned in the Vedic book of Hindu religion, Durga Saptashati, as well as it is known for the second Tantric significance after the Kamakhya temple of Assam. Animals are still sacrificed in this temple. Animal sacrifices are performed on Tuesdays, Saturdays and “Kali Pooja”.

Maa  Chinnamasta Temple Tour, Rajrappa, Jharkhand
rajrappa fall

The devotees and tourist performed holy baths in the Bhera river and offered a glimpse of the mother with offerings in the temple. Later, they also visit the nearby temples and spend some time on the river side.

How To Reach Temple

You can reach the temple through Various Mode of Transport, Which is Following…..

By Road                                                                                                                                                   Temple is situated 28 km away from the road from “Ramgarh Cantonment” of Jharkhand state and 80 km from  Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi. this temple is well conted by road to 23 K.M far from hazaribagh ranchi express highway and 75 K.M away from hazaribagh town.

By Railway                                                                                                                                               To reach the temple, you have to come to the nearest city Ramgarh and Barka Kana. Ramgarh and Barka Kana both town is well connected by both the roads and railways of the country and as well as Barka Kana Railway Station is only major railway junction of district. Barka Kana Railway Station on the Gomoh-Barkakana line,Sonnagar-Barkakana loop line,Chandil-Barkakana line,Koderma Barkakana line and Barkakana-ranchi line  under construction  located in east central railway Zone under dhanbad division.

By Air                                                                                                                                               There is no independent airport in Ramgarh District.  The nearest airport to this temple is located 80 km away in Ranchi, named Birsa Munda Airport, where you can reach through road to the airport and reach the Rajapapa temple with the help of a taxi or bus.


In this temple, there are devotees who visit the temple but there are large crowds of people during the full moon and new moon night. In the month of January, a special fair is organized at the festival of “Makar Sankranti” and during the “Vijayadashami”, the fair is organized in which millions of pilgrims participate. Maa Chinnamasta Temple Tour, Rajrappa, Jharkhand is best place due to, religious and Tantric activities lover.

Hotel in chinnamasta

There are so many hotels and guest houses around rajrappa temple and Ramgarh, but I am telling you some hotel names based on their customer feedback which is as follows…..

  •  Hotel Parwati
  • Hotel Shivam Inn
  • Hotel Treat Residency
  • Hotel Arihant Palace
  • Shakti place Hotel Ramgarh and
  • Government guest house in rajrappa.

Places To Eat

In rajrappa  and Ramgarh there are lots of restaurant and Dhaba for all type of food but I tell you some names for your convenience which is as follows….

  • Royal Tadka Restaurant
  • The Waves Restaurant
  • Spice Garden
  • Sher-E Punjab Restaurent
  • Hotel Satkar Bar and Restaurant
  • Biryani Corner
  • Hotel Milan and
  • Rounak Raj Dhaba

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Maa Chinnamasta temple location on Google map……

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