Mundeshwari Temple

M  aa Mundeshwari Temple is situated on the Mundeswari hill of the Kaimur Plateau in Korra. Temple is located in kaimur district of Bihar state of India and  considered one of the oldest and most important temples of India. This temple is a very unique example of Indian architecture. Maa Mundeshwari Temple Tour, Bhabua, Bihar is the best tourist destination for nature and heritage lover. Mata mundeshwari temple is situated at 608 feet (185 meters) above sea level. Maa mundeshwari temple was built in 119 CE.

Maa Mundeshwari temple tour,Bhabua,Bihar
Mundeshwari Temple

Mundeshwari temple is basically devoted to Lord Shiva. Temple is built on a octagonal scheme, stone. A large part of the structure of this temple has been damaged, due to various reason. Almost, Many stone pieces have been seen around the temple. Located on the entrance of this temple is a beautiful ornate statue, which includes the Makarvahini Ganga and the Kachvahini Yamuna on the door.

The outer wall of this temple is decorated with decorative figures in a very well ordered and well structured manner. Within this temple, there is a quadrangular Shivling located in the middle of the temple. In mundeshwari temple there is a black stone statue of three and a half feet of Mother, who is riding on buffalo.

Architecture Of Temple

Maa Mundeshwari temple tour,Bhabua,Bihar
Maa Mundeshwari temple view from gate

This temple is made of stone, which is a very rare architecture based on octagonal plan.  Temple is the first example of Nagara style architecture in Bihar. There are doors or windows and small nikas on the four sides to welcome idols in the remaining four walls in this Nagara style temple. therefore lot’s of tourist visiting every year, Maa Mundeshwari temple tour,Bhabua,Bihar.

The peak or tower of the temple was destroyed. However, a roof has been constructed due to the renovation of the temple. On the wall of the temple’s womb, Nick and bold molding vases and leaves have been designed. The carved idol remains at the entrance to the temple, which includes the gatekeepers, the Ganga, the Yamuna and many sculptures. The temple is mainly known for Bhagwan Chaturmukh (four faces) Shiv Ling and Goddess Mundeshwari. In Mundeshwari temple, Lord Ganesh, Sun and Vishnu are worshiped every day under the guidance of the priests. There are also two stone ships of unusual design in the temple of Mata Mundeshwari.

The stone used in the temple is damaged and scattered around the temple. Now this temple comes under the jurisdiction of the ASI, therefore this scattered fragmented archaeological study.

Maa Mundeshwari Temple Event

Mother Mundeshwari Temple is a historical and religious place of Kaimur district. This temple is considered one of the oldest temples in Bihar. The Tourism Department of Bihar and the bihar Government have been declared to celebrate Mundeshwari festival on April 7 and 8 every year. Various programs are performed on various occasions in this temple, which include Raksha Bandhan and Navaratri. due to this various program lot’s of tourist and pilgrims visiting this temple every year and almost every year pilgrim increasing. therefore,Maa Mundeshwari Temple Tour, Bhabua, therefore is the best tourist destination in bihar.

How To Reach Maa Mundeshwari Temple

You can reach the temple through Various Mode of Transport, Which is Following…..

By Railway

bhabua road railway station” is  nearest railway station from bhabua. Mohaniya is well connected by both the main roads and railways of the country. This is only major railway junction of district. Mohania  railway station is known as “Bhabua Road” on the Howrah-New Delhi Grand Card located in the Mughalsarai region.

 By Air

There is no independent airport in Kaimur district, therefore “Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport” Varanasi is the only nearest airport from mohaniya, which is located 102 km from Mohania city.

By Road

This is one of the best accessible places in Bihar due to its position, as Mohaniya city is directly connected to the state capital, as well as the four directions of the country can easily be reached through rail and road. therefore, After reaching Bhabua road (Mohania), by bus or taxi  have to come to Bhabua . Bhabua is headquarter of the district and is 17 kms away from Mohania. With the help of  bus or taxi  you can reach Mundeshwari temple 14 kms away from Patel chowk or Jay Prakash Chowk.

Hotel In Maa Mundeshwari Temple

You will found lot’s of Average hotels and guest houses in Bhabua town and only one government guest house for public, during Maa Mundeshwari temple tour,Bhabua,Bihar. so I am telling you some hotel names based on their customer feedback which is as following…

  • R.K Hotel Kohinoor
  • Hotel Hotel Kuber
  • Hotel Diamond Bhabhua and
  • Government Guest house is only one place to stay in maa Mundeshwri Dham.

Places To Eat In Maa Mundeshwari Temple

In Bhabua town and Around the Temple there are lots of place for all type of food, therefore I will telling you some names for your convenience which is as following….

  • Shivaji singh Restaurant Kaimur
  • Zaika Restaurant
  • Chilli Chutney Restaurant
  • Ashoka Restaurant
  • Green City Restaurant
  • Tandoor Villa Restaurant

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maa mundeshwari temple location on Google map……

maa mundeshwari temple


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