Rohtasgarh Fort History

Rohtas Fort is situated in Rohtas district in bihar. this fort is located about 55 km away from “Sasaram” and 43 kilometres from Dehri On Sone. The Rohtas kila is situated on the hill of 1500 meters above sea level in the direction of the son river. This is one of the India’s oldest fort. Rohtasgarh Fort Tour Sasaram is a one of the best tourist destinations in Bihar.

Acording to Historian Rohtas kila was built by Rohitashwa. he is son of Satyavadi king Harishchandra. The fort was under the control of the Hindu kings for many days. After some years, Rohtas fort went under the authority of the Muslims in the 16th century and remained under their control for many years.

In 1558 AD, Raja Man Singh as a Governor of Bengal and Bihar of Akbar Emperor. During his ruling he had renovated the rest of the fort.

According to historians, the fort was built by Sher Shah Suri from the point of view of security. According to some historians, Amar Singh conducted this rebel against the British during first battle of freedom struggle (1857).

Architecture Of Rohtasgarh Kila

Rohtasgarh Fort Sasaram, Bihar is 1500 meters high above sea level. The Rohtas fort is very gorgeous. There are 83 doors in this fort. But there are main four gate in fort included-Ghorghat, Rajghat, Kathautia Ghat and Ruddha Ghat. The Rohtas fort is spread over 45 km of area.

Wonderful painting has been made on the walls of the entrance to the fort, in which elephants and door towers are included. Even today in this fort, Rang Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Panchmahal, Khoota Mahal, Aina Mahal, Rani Jharokha, Mansingh Kachahari are still present.

Interested Places in Rohtasgarh Fort

There are lot’s of interested places in rohtas kila, which is following..

Hathiya Pol and Elephant Gate = 

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
Hathiya Pol and Elephant Gate at ramgarh fort

Fort main gate is known as the Hathiya Pol or the Elephant Gate. this is a largest gates in rohtas fort and was made in 1597 AD. Due to lot’s of elephant architecture found on this gate, Therefore is called Hathiya Pol.

The Aina Mahal =

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
The Aina Mahal in rohtasgarh

This is the palace of the chief wife of Man Singh. the middle part of palace was for man singh. Palace is a four-storied building. where,Man Singh himself resided and was called Takhte Badshahi.

Ganesh Temple =

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
ganesh temple rohtasgarh fort

This Temple is located half a kilometre away to the west from Man Singh’s Palace or The Aina Mahal. this temple made like Rajputana style temple. Therefore Temple look like Osian temple of Jodhpur built in the 8th century AD. Another temple is the Mira Bai temple of Chittor the 17th century AD old.

Jama Masjid and Habsh Khan’s mausoleum =

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
Rohtasgarh fort

Outside the Man Singh’s palace grounds has the buildings of Jama Masjid. This is a Habsh Khan’s Mausoleum and the Makbara of Shufi Sultan. this Masjid is a combination of rajputana style and beautiful stucco style.

Rohtasan Temple And Devi Temple 

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
Rohtasan Temple And Devi Temple at ramgarh fort

The Rohtasan temple is situated a mile to the North-East of the Man Singh’s Palace. there are two temple, one is Rohtasan and another is devi temple. first temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. another 2nd temple is dedicated to maa Durga is also called Chourasan Siddhi

Rohtasgarh Fort History and best Tour experience in Sasaram
rohtasan temple Rohtasgarh Fort

How To Reach Rohtas kila

You can easily reach here by rail, road and air. It is located at Rauja Road in Sasaram at a distance of 3 Kms from National Highway 19. It is 2 km from “Sasaram Railway Station”, you can reach here from the station and with the help of auto.The nearest airport is 140 k.m away at “Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport” in Babatpur in Varanasi. You can reach the Rohtasgarh fort with its own four-wheel car.

Where Is To Stay

You can stay in Sasaram because there is a lot of good hotels and the Rohtasgarh fort is just 18 kilometer away from the Sasaram railway station but according to customer feedback am suggesting you some best hotel, which are following……

  • BNS International hotel
  • Hotel Maurya Royal
  • Natraj hotel
  • Rohit International

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