Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel

Through my 10 blog posts on India, I am giving these tips to tourist. therefore, I am writing stories on Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India. I thought it would be nice stories for the first-time visitor to India. 
India is a very lovely country and people are so friendly but they are shy in nature.

Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India
Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India

Guide Before Travelling

  • booked your all tickets, before travelling to India. you can book your tickets, according to your budget and travel planning.
  • You need a visa in India, as a traveller also.  make sure you don’t forget your visa during travelling in India.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Use Travel Packages for money saving in india. 

    Tips For First Time Travel

1. Indian People Are So Friendly But They Are Shy In Nature

Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India
Indians peoples and foreigner during visit

The peoples of Indian country are a little shy but they are also very friendly. You can try to talk to them in bus or taxi and even on the train. They get lots of pleasure in talking to you. Some time They even allow you to take photos. Indian people may sometimes starve, but this is just curiosity. Their nature is not rude.

2. Know The Basic Words In Hindi

During travelling in india, you should know basic words in hindi. 
you will get the shop keepers to laugh a little bit on your hindi pronunciation. Therefore, i am telling you some words that will help you during india travelling.

Namaskar – Hello

Acha- good

Acha nahi hai- not good

Thik hai- right

yeah/ ji or  ha/ haji – yes

Kitna rupyahua?- how much money?

Kirpiya- please 

  Know The Basic Words In Hindi

shukriya- thank you

Mutlab- meaning?

Apka kya mutlab hai?- what do you mean?

Ek bottle Pani dedigiye- give me 1 bottle of water

sahayta/madad- help   and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5- ek, do, teen, char, panch

3. Avoid Burnout

India is vast and colourful nation. india has also lot’s of tourist destination. therefore, Do not try to travel more in less time. A wisely planned visit to a particular area can deliver more unique experience.

4. Eat And Drink Carefully

Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India
Eat and drink during travel

The problem of a stomach is quite common for the first time visitor in India. This does not mean that you should avoid street food in india. But give more importance to fresh fruits and fresh food items. Use more bottled water and is one of the, Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India.

5.  Airport Pick-Up Arrangement 

Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India
Airport pick-up Arrangement

Try to arrange a pick up, after landing at the airport. Many good hotels and guest houses will also provide pick up facility. 

6.  Come To India At The Right Time

India is a seasonal nation and there are four types of the season and they hit a different part of India at different times. In India, you will get a different season experience in different part. therefore, before a visit to India, search about tourist place of India according to season.

8.  Pick The Perfect Route

Top 10 Tips For First Time Travel To India
Pick the perfect route

You are unknown, As a tourist and first time travelling to india. therefore before visiting, choose the right pathway or route according to your tourist destination in india with the help of various sources.

9.  Book A Tour Guide

book a tour guide during india visit, because there are lot’s of tourist destination in india. guide provides direction and history regarding india tourist destination. guide know very well about india and his culture.

10.  Know Your Destination Firstly 

More important for every tourist. India has a rich historical and cultural past and it is still largely a traditional society in the world.  Find out destination firstly as much as you can about Indian and it will make travel easier. 

So, get in touch for more story. you can also read another story under Tips section after visiting on

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