Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua

T he 38th district of Bihar is the headquarter of Kaimur district. Bhabhua city is the world’s first city, which has been declared as a green city. In the east of this city is the Rohtas district of Bihar, Chandoli district of the state of Uttar Pradesh in the west, in the south is the Garhwa district of Jharkhand state and the Buxar district of Bihar state and Uttar Pradesh belong to the Ghazipur district of the state. There are lot’s of Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar.

#1. Maa Mundeshwari Temple

Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar
Maa Mundeshwari temple tour,Bhabua,Bihar

Maa Mundeshwari Temple is one of the best tourist destination in Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar.  Temple is situated on the Mundeswari hill of the Kaimur plateau in Kaura in Camura district of Kaimur district of the Indian state of Bihar. This temple is considered one of the oldest temples in India, and this temple is a unique example of Indian architecture. This temple is located at 608 feet (185 meters) high and this temple was built in 119 CE.

This temple is basically devoted to Shiva. This temple has been constructed with a four-fold structure detailed entrance plan.  At the entrance of this temple is a beautiful ornate statue at the entrance of the Makarvahini Ganga and the Kachvahini Yamuna door. The wall outside this temple is decorated in a very well ordered and well structured manner with decorative figures. Within this temple a quadrangle is located in the middle of the womb.

This temple is made of stone, which is a very rare architecture based on octagonal scheme. This temple is the first example of Nagara style architecture in Bihar. Temple temple has disappeared. However, a roof has been constructed due to the renovation of the temple. On the wall of the temple’s womb, nick and bold molding are made with vase and leaf design.

The carved idol remains at the entrance to the temple, in which the gatekeepers, the Ganga, the Yamuna and many idols are. In the temple, mainly Lord Chaturmukh (four faces) Shiv Ling and Goddess Mundeshwari, as well as worship of God Ganesha, Sun and Vishnu are performed every day in the care of the priests. Now this temple comes under the jurisdiction of the ASI, so for this scattered archaeological study.

#2. Baaidyanath Temple

Baaidyanath is one of the Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar. Dehalia, Ramgarh This temple is like the center of Lord Mahadev of Khajuraho, whose base is the Shiva temple along with octagonal and peak. The temple’s womb is designed by cutting the rock which is a very good example of the architectural crafts in you. It is learned that the temple was built in the 11th Century by Raja Vidyadhar Dhang of Chandel.

Four ponds were built on the four corners of the temple – Dhruv Kund, Rudra Kund, Brahma Kund and Vishnu Kund from which two still exist. Here is a very large fair in the month of Savan, where people come from distant places to visit.

#3. Maa Chheorwari Dham

Maa Chheorwari temple was built in the 15th century by Rathore Dynasty in Ramgarh, Bhabua. Those people came from Chittorgarh and Mewar, who installed their statue of Kuldevi in the Desert of Mahuhahar village. This temple is displaced in the form of a serial ride of Lord Durga.

#4.Bakhtiar Khan Tomb

Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar
Bakhtiar Khan’s Rouza

Bakhtiar khan tomb is one of the best tourist destination in Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar. According to historians, this Bakhtiar Khan Tomb was constructed during the 16th and 17th centuries. This mausoleum built in Chainpur block on the banks of the river of Kua, looks like the Rousseau of Hasan Saha of Sasaram. The length and breadth of this tomb are 88 * 70 meters. This tomb is octagonal, as well as a veranda with 24 domes on its lap. On this you will have to go from Bhabua to Chainpur and then from there, with the help of taxi, to the tomb of Bakhtiar Khan can be reached.

#5.Telhar Waterfall

Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar.
Telhar waterfall

Telhar Waterfall is almost best tourist destination in In Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar. This waterfall is in the Adhaura block (Kaimur district, Bihar). There are several waterfalls on the Kaimur mountain, one of which is the Telher waterfall. The waterfall falls due to the height of 80 meters. The water source of this spring is like the golden river. The investigation of the National Hydro Electric Power Corporation shows that it is capable of generating up to 60 megawatt of electricity due to falling water  height. Kaimur is a green area full of mountains around this spring, which increases its beauty many times.

#6.Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is on the Adhaura Bhabua Path in kaimur district ,bihar. this sanctuary not gain name on national level, till now. therefore antitra trying to represent through stories in a website. we think may be sanctuary get popularity in tourist.

#7.Heart Hill

Hart Hill is a distance of 10 km from Mom Mandeshwari Temple, just a short distance from Chainpur Jagadahawa – Kalyanpur Road. this hill looks like heart that’s why is known as heart hill. Due to it’s location this hill not get such a popularity in tourist destination so we are trying to represent as a tourist destination and probably chance is that get popularity.

#8. Jagdahawa Lake

Jagdahawa Lake is almost best tourist destination in In Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar. This lake is also near the Heart Hill on Chainpur Jagadahawa-Kalyanpur road, 10 km away from Maa Mandeshwari Temple. Jagdahwa lake itself is the origin of the Kohira River.

Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar
Jagdahawa lake

How To Reach

You can reach the temple through Various Mode of Transport, Which is Following…..

By Railway
To reach the temple, you have to come to the nearest city “Mohania”. Mohaniya is well connected by both the main roads and railways of the country and as well as  only major railway junction of district. Mohania  railway station is known as “Bhabua Road” on the Howrah-New Delhi Grand Card located in the Mughalsarai region.

By Air
There is no independent airport in Kaimur so “Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport” Varanasi is the nearest airport from mohaniya, which is located 102 km from Mohania city.

By Road
This is one of the best accessible places in Bihar due to its position, as Mohaniya city is directly connected to the state capital, as well as the four directions of the country can easily be reached through rail and road.  After reaching Bhabua road (Mohania), you have to come to Bhabua, which is headquarter of the district and is 17 kms away from Mohania, then you will have to reach Mundeshwari temple 14 kms away.

Places To Stay

There are so many Average hotels and guest houses in Bhabua town and Around the Temple, but I am telling you some hotel names based on their customer feedback which is as follows…..

  • R.K Hotel Kohinoor
  • Hotel Hotel Kuber
  • Hotel Diamond Bhabhua and
  • Government Guest house is only one place to stay in maa Mundeshwri Dham.

Places To Eat

In Bhabua town and Around the Temple there are lots of place for all type of food but I tell you some names for your convenience which is as follows….

  • Shivaji singh Restaurant Kaimur
  • Zaika Restaurant
  • Chilli Chutney Restaurant
  • Ashoka Restaurant
  • Green City Restaurant and
  • Tandoor Villa Restaurant

and lot’s of  Top Tourist Places Visit In Bhabua District, Kaimur, Bihar.  Related this topics lot’s of stories coming  and visiting this link  .  you can also read stories and tips related travel, so get in touch through social network and website. 

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