Rohtas District

Rohtas is one of the 38 district of bihar. Sasaram is a city and district headquarter in bihar state. This city is One of the ancient city of India. Sasaram has witnessed and home of the notable person includes Sher Shah Suri, Sahastrabahu, Mira Kumar, Kavi Kumar Azad and Babu Jagjivan Ram.  In the prehistoric period, Sasaram was called the gateway of Bihar. There are many highly recognized religious and historical tourist spots to visit which includes Kaimur mountain , temple, historical place, forts, waterfall and rivers. therefore this is a one of the Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas.

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram

The sasaram town is a Rohtas district headquarter and can see following tourist places in sasaram and in Rohtas District.

Sher Shah Suri Tomb

Top Tourist Places In Sasaraam Rohtas, Complete Guide
sher shah suri tomb sasaram

The Sher Shah Suri Tomb has located in Sasaram in Rohtas district. This city has situated in Bihar state. Sher Shah Suri and his all family member have buried in this tomb. The tomb has situated between the artificial lake remains 122 feet high by the red sandstone tomb. Sher Shah Suri  Tomb is a example of Hindu-Muslim Indian architecture.

Rohtasgarh Fort

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas, Complete Guide
Rohtas Garh Fort in Sasaram

Rohtasgarh Fort has situated in Rohtas district. this fort has located about 55 km away from “Sasaram” and 43 kilometres from Dehri On Sone. The Rohtasgarh kila has situated on the hill of 1500 meters above sea level. This is one of the India’s oldest fort and Rohtasgarh Fort Tour is a one of the best tourist destinations in Bihar.

Acording to Historian Rohtas kila was built by Rohitashwa. he is son of Satyavadi king Harishchandra. The fort was under the control of the Hindu kings for many days. After some years, Rohtas fort went under the authority of the Muslims in the 16th century and remained under their control for many years and now ASI control and manage this historical memory.

Tara Chandi Temple

Top Tourist Places In Sasaraam Rohtas, Complete Guide
Tara Chandi Temple

Maa Tara Chandi Temple is a Hindu Shakti Peetha Temple and located in sasaram in bihar. this temple has dedicated to the Maa Durga. This is one of the holly place for hinduism. this temple is one of the 52 Siddha Shakti Pith in India. Temple has situated on Kaimur Hill beside National Highway 19. Lots of devotees comes to temple for prayer and Like Vaishno Mata, Maa tara chandi located under cave.

Gupta Dham

Top Tourist Places In Sasaraam Rohtas, Complete Guide
Devotees crowd in gupta dham

The Gupteshwar Dham cave has located in the Rohtas district is one of the ancient Shivlingas on the Kaimur hill of Vindhya series of Bihar and Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas. This is one of the most famous of Bihar’s Natural Shivalinga after the split of Jharkhand. In Gupteeshwar Dham cave, mainly Lord Shiva is worship. 

The entrance to this sacred cave at Gupta Dham is 18 feet wide and 12 feet high. This sacred cave is 363 feet long. Inside this natural cave, Lord Shankar has about three feet high Shivlinga. The stream of holy water always keeps falling on this Shivling. Inside the cave there are many beautiful statues of gods and goddesses. The history of this holy cave is very old, according to Shiva Purana. This is one of the Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas.

Manjhar Kund

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas, Complete Guide
Manjhar Kund Sasaram

The Manjhar Kund is a waterfall in sasaram and located on Kaimur hill range. this is one the best tourist destination in sasaram. this is famous tourist place during Raksha Bandhan.

Maa Tutla bhawani

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas, Complete Guide
Maa Tutla bhawani dham beside waterfall in rohtas

Tutula Bhawani has located in Tilauthu in rohtas District. this is situated approximately 20 Km south-west from Dehri-on-Sone. This is the one of the most beautiful place of Rohtas District and top Tourist Places In Rohtas. Tutla Bhawani Dham has Surrounded by Green Hill and located near green valley. Kachuar river flows in the middle of the valley. this is also famous for waterfall which falls from a height of 200 M.

Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas, Complete Guide
Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri in Sasaram Bihar

The Hasan Khan Suri tomb is another historical place after the Sher Shah Suri Tomb in sasaram. this tomb is situated in Sasaram. this tomb was built during Suri dynasty. Tomb was built in Indo- Islamic Style. this tomb was built in 1535 by architecture Aliwal- Khan. This is one of the most beautiful and finest structure in Sasaram. This is top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas.

Pilot Baba Dham

Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas, Complete Guide
Pilot Baba Ashram in Sasaram

The Pilot Baba Dham is a collection of temples and idols recently created. This Dham has located in Sasaram city bihar. It is known for its beautiful artwork and spiritual center. This is one of the Top Tourist Places In Sasaram Rohtas.

How To Reach Sasaram A Rohtas District

By Road=  Sasaram and Rohtas district is well connected by road to all major city of India. Sasaram Bus Stand is a major bus stand of sasaram. You can reach directly from Kolkata, Varanasi, Ranchi, Bodhgaya and Delhi by bus and private car. The bus stand is located outside of sasaram railway Junction.

By Railway= Station has very well connected to all major city of India. Sasaram Junction is one o the main railway junctions in rohtas district.

By Flight= Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Babatpur, varanasi is the nearest airport from sasaram. You can reach the airport with the help of a taxi and tourist bus. This airport has well connected to all major city of india.

Hotel In Sasaram ( Rohtas District )

there is a lot of good hotels and guest house in sasaram and dehri on sone. According to customer feedback am suggesting you some best hotel, which are following……

  1. BNS International hotel
  2. Rohit International
  3. Hotel Maurya Royal
  4. Natraj hotel

Restaurant In Sasaram ( Rohtas District )

There are lots of good restaurant in sasaram but presenting following restaurant according to customer feedback…

  1. Green Plannet Express Restaurant
  2. Wah Lajawab Restaurant
  3. Haweli Restaurant and many other.

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